Team title: ILW-Sun-Ionosphere nexus.Join The Team

Team ID: G2B-03

Team Leads:

Dr. Shanmugha Sundaram G A (Amrita University, India),  

Keywords (impact): Navigation and/or Communications, Satellite/debris drag, (Aero)space assets functions, Human exploration

Keywords (activity type): Modeling, Data Utilization, New Instrumentation A


Classification of Radio Sun Activity at long wavelengths, from study of disturbances they create in the Earth's ionosphere, using terrestrial LW radio broadcast waves as probes.


  • Classification of Radio Sun Activity
  • GPS-enabled Ionosphere TEC estimation
  • Long wave receiver design, assembly & operation

Action topics:

  • Improve predictive capability of irregularities and impact on propagation of radio signal,
  • Assessment of modeling capability of global and regional vertical TEC on different spatial and temporal scales,
  • Define optimal observation capabilities for ionospheric services (ground-based monitoring facilities and space missions, especially a topside sounder system).

Clusters with relevant topics:

G2B: Ionosphere variability, S3: Solar eruptions, H2: CME structure, evolution and propagation through heliosphere, H3: Radiation Environment in Heliosphere. 

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Shanmugha Sundaram G A (Amrita University, INDIA)