Team title: Using SPASE metadata to facilitate data scienceJoin The Team

Team ID: O2-02

Team Leads:

Shing Fung  (ITM Physics Lab, NASA/GSFC, USA),

Keywords (activity type): Information Architecture, Data Utilization, Understanding, Requirements, Modeling, Forecasting  


  • Data standards
  • Data access and exchange
  • Data services and tools
  • Data science


Since the SPASE metadata model ( is a metadata model developed specifically for describing heliophysics data and model products and it has been adopted by COSPAR as one of the two recommended data standards (, it may be fruitful to discuss if/how SPASE could directly facilitate science analysis, modeling, as well as data science (e.g., data mining and machine learning), thus promoting effective utilization of the diverse heliophysics data and model resources. 


This team will examine if/how the SPASE metadata model could help make heliophysics and space weather data more readily and directly usable in data analysis tools, such as data analysis software or machine learning algorithms. 

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