Team title: Data archive preparation and implementation to advance Machine Learning activities for space weather forecasting in support of human explorationJoin The Team

Team ID: O2-03

Team Leads:

Viacheslav Sadykov  (GSU, USA), vsadykov@gsu.eduYaireska (Yari) Collado-Vega (NASA/GSFC, USA), yaireska.m.colladovega@nasa.go

Keywords (activity type): Information Architecture

Data Utilization , Understanding, Modeling, Forecasting,

Keywords (impact): Human exploration


With the newest developments and advancements of machine learning and deep learning techniques, the team will try to create new tools that will possibly help with the forecasting and nowcasting of solar events like CMEs and SEP events. This will help us characterize and understand the radiation environment which is critical for the safety of the crew in human exploration space missions. 


This team will explore machine learning and deep learning techniques to test if they can be used for forecasting and nowcasting CMEs and SEP events and possibly extract new features that will help understand, study and analyze these events. 

Action topics:

Cluster with overlapping topics:
S3: Solar eruptions, H2: CME structure, evolution and propagation through heliosphere, H3: Radiation Environment in Heliosphere

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