Team title: Coordination and collaborations of Python libraries and tools for ISWATJoin The Team

Team ID: O2-06

Team Leads: 

Arnaud Masson (ESA/ESAC, Madrid, Spain),
Aaron Roberts (NASA/GSFC, USA),
Julie Barnum (LASP, Colorado, USA),

Keywords (activity type): Information Architecture, Data Utilization, Understanding, Requirements, Modeling, Forecasting  

Python libraries and tools are nowadays the standard in education and more and more used in the Heliophysics and Space Weather communities, especially by the younger generation of scientists. While the Astropy library has managed to aggregate most of the Astrophysics community, the situation is rather different in the space weather community. There are indeed several python libraries developed in parallel, serving different domains including SunPy, pySPEDAS, PlasmaPy, SpacePy or pysat. These libraries are gathering under the Python in heliophysics community, PyHC. However, while various space weather services (including simulations) are being provided by various groups and organizations, not all of them are accessible via these libraries. There are also still compatibilities issues between these libraries. 

The goal of this team is first to perform an inventory of all Python libraries related to Heliophysics and Space Weather and putting all links at the ISWAT team webpage. Work transversally across the various ISWAT teams to list and eventually improve accessibility to space weather services, identify and report incompatibilities and gather the needs of the various groups in terms of data analysis, visualization or model-data comparison.

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