G1: Geomagnetic environment


Herman Opgenoorth (Umea University, Sweden), hermann.opgenoorth AT umu.se


Robert Robinson (Catholic University of America, USA) robert.m.robinson@nasa.gov 


Geomagnetically Induced Currents (GICs)


The geomagnetic environment of the Earth is the regime of magnetic currents shaping and containing the deformed and comet–like magnetic field of the original terrestrial dipole, which is compressed at the dayside and pulled out into a long tail on the nightside. There exists a more or less defined magnetospheric boundary towards the solar wind, which is shaped by surface currents on the interface. So-called Chapman-Ferraro currents form the “magnetopause”.



To understand, characterize and forecast the generation of potentially dangerous Geomagnetically Induced Currents (GICs) in our dynamically changing geomagnetic environment. To achieve these objectives it is important to understand and determine:

Essential Space Environment Quantities / Forecasting Problems:  


Action topics:

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