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Team ID: G1-04

Team Title:
MHD models of the geomagnetic environment and their capability to reproduce small scale GIC source processes

Team Lead:
Daniel Welling (University of Texas at Arlington),

Team Co-Lead:

Team POC:

Keywords (Impact):
Electric power systems, GICs

Keywords (Other):

Keywords (Activity Type):
Modeling, Forecasting , Assessment 

Geomagnetically Induced Currents (GICs) are driven by the geoelectric field which, in turn, is driven by a host of ionospheric and magnetospheric processes. An important subtopic is small scale geoelectric field events: high amplitude, short time scale, localized fields that occur during geomagnetic storms. There are many open questions concerning these phenomena, but investigating them is challenging due to their scale. Global magnetohydrodynamic models (MHD) could be a powerful tool for investigations, but their capability to reproduce and predict these features is currently unknown.

The goal of this team is to assess the ability of global MHD models to reproduce and predict small scale dB/dt and geoelectric field features. This will involve grid convergence studies and simulations that include expanded physics capabilities. An initial assessment on model capabilities and what processes drive small scale features in models will be made.

Action Topics:
Advance modeling capability of coupled geospace system, Understand and quantify spatial and temporal features of geomagnetic variability in response to external and internal drivers, Assessment of capabilities to forecast geomagnetic environment variability

Cluster with overlapping topics:
G1: Geomagnetic environment, G2B: Ionosphere variability

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Edmund Henley (Met Office, UK)
Daniel Welling (University of Texas at Arlington, USA)