Mini-ISWAT @ ESWW: November 18-19, 2023

The mini-ISWAT Working Meeting will take place on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th November, the weekend immediately preceding the European Space Weather Week 2023 in the Centre Pierre Baudis in Toulouse, France.

See "Satellite Events Before ESWW 2023" :

A series of mini-ISWAT Working Meetings focused on selected set of topics are organized by cluster moderators and team leads during the time period between week-long ISWAT Workshops.

The mini-ISWAT @ ESWW 2023 will provide an opportunity for ISWAT Clusters and Action Teams to schedule working sessions to review team activities, establish new teams, plan new actions and collaborations to address new targets and priorities based on our Roadmap recommendations.

There will be 3 parallel sessions over two days, four 90 minutes sessions per day in each room.

Click here for live sessions planning.

Registration for the mini-ISWAT Working Meeting will be available through the ESWW website:

We strongly encourage ISWAT community to attend both mini-ISWAT and ESWW meetings. We are also planning to propose a ESWW Topical Discussion Meeting (TDM) to discuss outcomes of mini-ISWAT meeting with a broader space weather communityCl