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Team ID: S2-04

Team Lead: 

Alexei Pevtsov (National Solar Observatory, USA),

Keywords (activity type): Understanding , Modeling, Data Utilization , Assessment


First synoptic maps of three components of vector magnetic fields were created in early 2010 (e.g., Gosain et al 2013) using full disk observations from VSM/SOLIS. Currently, such maps are produced using data from HMI/SDO; it is also expected that VSM/SOLIS will resume its operations soon. While there were some early attempts to use these maps for modeling, there are also many open questions about how exactly to incorporate vector field boundary conditions into existing models, how to deal with polar regions, what are these maps good for anyway etc.


The current objectives of this working group are to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of modern observations of vector magnetic fields, to investigate their potential in modeling of solar and heliospheric phenomena (for research and Space Weather/SW forecast), and to promote further use of vector field data in SW modeling. The team aims at bringing together “data providers” (observers) and “data users” (modelers) to discuss various issues related to synoptic vector magnetic fields.

Action topics:

  • Definition and quantification of uncertainties in magnetic flux for different solar regions (e.g. poles, active regions, quiet sun),
  • Evaluating utility of solar vector magnetic field for SW modeling

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