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Team ID: S3-01

Team Leads:    TBD      

Advisor: Sophie Murray (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies), 

Keywords (impact): Human Exploration, Navigation/Communications, Satellite/debris drag

Keywords (activity type): Assessment, Forecasting


The Flare Scoreboard enables real-time comparison of operational flare forecasts online via the CCMC system. The flare system is automated such that model developers can routinely upload their predictions. Forecast data is parsed and stored in a database accessible to anyone via an API.


  • Fostering world-wide community assessment projects that ultimately help researchers improve their flare forecasts and determine their usefulness.
  • Allow a consistent real-time comparison of various operational and research forecasts. Complementary to non-real time model assessments such as the International Forum for Space Weather Capabilities Assessment.

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H3: SEP validation

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