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Team title: 3D CME Kinematics and Topology

Team ID: S3-02

Team Leads:         

Barbara J. Thompson (NASA GSFC, USA),  

Matthew West  (SwRI Southwest Research Institute), 

Keywords (impact): 

Keywords (activity type): Understanding, Requirements, Forecasting, Data Utilization, Assessment


The team will focus on analysis methods, models, multi-viewpoint reconstruction and EUV proxies for determining the 3D CME input to heliospheric simulations. This will include a comparative study of the different methods and different users, to understand how much variation there can be in a measurement of a CME.


End users are primarily modelers who use 3D CME measurement inputs to drive models to determine the propagation of CMEs throughout the heliosphere, and forecast the impacts (such as CMEs, Bz prediction, and SEP generation) at different locations. We also include as our user community those who are interested in comparative studies of CME structure and propagation in the inner heliosphere.

A key user need is the ability to assess how accurate a CME measurement is, so that they can constrain the error in their comparative studies or their model boundary conditions. Expected outputs are improvement in CME measurement accuracy, a more clear understanding of the limitations of the measurements, and recommendations for improved forecasting parameters. 

Action topics:

  • Forecasting of impulsive events (Flares, CME, SEPs),
  • Definition of benchmarks, performance metrics, and uncertainty assessment for impulsive event forecasts,
  • Automatization and improving of operational forecasts

Clusters with overlapping topics: 

H2: CME structure, evolution and propagation through heliosphere 

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Anastasios Anastasiadis (National Observatory of Athens, GREECE)
Krista Larisza (CIRES CU Boulder / NOAA SPWC, USA)
Evangelos Paouris (National Observatory of Athens, GREECE)
Nikolai Pogorelov (University of Alabama, USA)
Talwinder Singh (University of Alabama in Huntsville, USA)
Manuela Temmer (University of Graz, AUSTRIA)
Barbara Thompson (NASA/GSFC, USA)
Christine Verbeke (KU Leuven, BELGIUM)
Angelos Vourlidas (JHU/APL, USA)
Matthew West (Southwest Research Institute, USA)