Plenary Presentations

Monday AM1: Setting the Scene I

ISWAT: Overview and Vision, Masha Kuznetsova

S2: Ambient solar magnetic field and spectral irradiance, Jon Linker

H1: Heliospheric magnetic field and solar wind, Mario Bisi

S3: Solar eruptions, Sophie Murray

H2: CME structure, evolution and propagation through heliosphere, Manuela Temmer

Solar Orbiter: Update, Opportunities for ISWAT, Rui Pinto


Monday AM2: Setting the Scene II

H3: Radiation environment in heliosphere: Human Exploration, Eddie Semones

 G3: Near-Earth radiation and plasma environment: (Aero)space assets, Yihua Zheng / Ian Mann 

G1: Geomagnetic environment: GICs, Hermann Opgenoorth

G2A: Atmosphere variability: Satellite drag, Eric Sutton

 G2B: Ionosphere variability: Navigation, Communications, Ioanna Tsagouri 

O2/O3: Information architecture and data utilization, Arnaud Masson

O1: Quantifying progress, Adam Kellerman


Wednesday PM1: Interim Reports

O2-02: Using metadata to facilitate Data science, A. Masson

O2-04: DOI Implementation, A. Masson

S2-01: Coronal boundaries, M. Reiss 

S2-03 Global Solar Magnetic Field Maps, C. Henney

H1-01 - Ambient solar wind, M. Temmer

H2-01, H2-02: CME arrival. Magnetic profiles, M. Temmer

H3-02: Suprathermal Seed population, R. Ebert

G3-01: Aviation radiation summary, K. Tobiska 

G3-02, G3-04- Surface and internal charging, I. Mann

G1: Geomagnetic environment, H. Opgenoorth

G2A-03: Satellite Aerodynamic Modeling, P. Mehta


Wednesday PM2: Partnerships and interfacing with national and international space science and space weather organizations, programs and initiatives

UNOOSA Space Weather Expert Group view of ISWAT, Ian Mann

SCOSTEP/PRESTO (Predictability of variable solar-terrestrial coupling) view of ISWAT. Opportunities for partnership, Ramon Lopez

ISWI (International Space Weather Initiative) view of ISWAT. Opportunities for partnership, Nat Gopalswamy

NSF Geospace Environment Modeling (GEM) view of ISWAT. Opportunities for partnership with GEM Focus Groups, Vania Jordanova

NASA Heliophysics Space Weather Science and Applications program view of ISWAT, Jim Spann

European Space Sciences Committee (ESSC) view of ISWAT, Hermann Opgenoorth


Thursday PM2: Summary Reports and Action Plans I

S2-02 Solar Indices and Irradiance, Carl Henney

S2-05 Sun-Spacecraft and Sun-Earth Magnetic Connectivity, Rui Pinto & Jon Linker

S3-03: Ensemble Forecasts for space weather, Jordan Guerra

S3-04/H1-02/H2-0?/G2b-08: Radio Heliophysics Diagnostics for Space Weather (sort of), Mario Bisi

H3-01: SEP Validation, K. Whitman, H. Bain

G2B: Ionosphere variability, Ioanna Tsagouri

G2A-02: Space Weather and Lower Atmosphere, Nick Pedatella

O2-03: Machine learning. Shujia Zhou


Friday AM1: Summary Reports and Action Plans II

S1: Long-term Solar Variability (solar cycle and beyond), Irina Kitiashvili

S3-02: 3D kinematics and topology, Barbara Thompson 

H3-02 Suprathermal Seed Population- Maher Dayeh

G1: Final Summary, H. Opgenoorth

G2a Final Summary, Sean Bruinsma

G3-05 SEPs in Geospace, Valeriy Tenishev

O2-01: Kamodo, Darren De Zeeuw


Summary Discussion and Roadmap Plans