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International Agencies Panel Session

Sep 29, 2021, Wednesday, 12:00 - 14:00 UT

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Panelists representing different organizations and different parts of the world:

  • Mamoru Ishii (Japan)
  • Richard Marshall (Australia and New Zealand)
  • Jim Spann (NASA/USA/North America)
  • Mark Gibbs (Met Office/UK and wider)
  • Jussi Luntama (ESA/Europe)
  • Mpho Tshisaphungo (South Africa/Africa)
  • Joaquim Costa (Brazil/South America/Latin America)

Preparations, Progress, and Importance of Updating the COSPAR Space-Weather Roadmap for National and International Programmes

COSPAR Panel on Space Weather (PSW) is providing strategic guidance to ISWAT and contributing to the Roadmap  through several papers to be submitted to the Roadmap Topical Issue 2 including:

  • Coordination between international/national/regional space-weather programmes and activities;
  • Coordination between international organisations/bodies; and
  • Interfacing with user groups.

Each organisation/agency, especially those represented by PSW nominated members, is invited to contribute to the COSPAR Roadmap paper on coordination/alignment of space weather programmes/activities.

As part of this 2nd COSPAR ISWAT Working Meeting, we will have a panel session on Wednesday 29th September 2021 – 12:00UT-14:00UT to discuss how and where roadmaps are used, space-weather funding, national/international and organisational strategies, interfacing with user groups, etc…  This will take place over Zoom as a plenary session of the Working Meeting.

Specific topics to be addressed in the panel session (which may be carried through to the COSPAR space-weather roadmap updates) can include, but are not limited to:

  • Progress since the last Roadmap;
  • Opportunities for the upcoming five years based on current understanding, available modelling and observational capabilities, and on-going/near-term missions;
  • Outlook beyond five years (where we want to be and how to get there?). What is the most important strategic investment into advancing space-weather predictive capabilities?
  • What actions should be taken to align different national space weather programmes to facilitate international collaboration and to maximize return on investments?
  • Opportunities for coordination in:
    • Development and deployment of new instrumentation?
    • Data preparation and sharing?
    • Collaborative model development?
  • How to connect space weather research programs with users’ needs – what can be done for this.
  • What on-going Roadmap update efforts will be useful for national/regional space-weather programmes?

Panellists are expected to provide a very brief introduction/overview of their standpoint (5-7 minutes) and then there will be an open discussion session.  The meeting will take place over the Zoom platform using the same login details as those for the second week of the Working Meeting.

The session will be chaired by Mario M. Bisi (UKRI STFC RAL Space, UK) and Masha Kuznetsova (Chair of the COSPAR PSW/NASA, USA).

Subsequent contributions in writing (to contribute to the development of the roadmap) can be short and include references to publicly-available regional/national/international documents (e.g. national strategies and action plans, surveys, roadmaps, and suchlike).  Individual national/international strategies of countries/organisations linking into the wider COSPAR updated space-weather roadmap developments will also be considered.  However, participants of the panel are not necessarily committing to contributing towards the roadmap at this stage.