43rd  COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Sydney, Australia, 2021

January 28 - February 4, 2021


COSPAR-21-PSW.7: Hands-on Education in Space Weather

COSPAR-21-PSW.6:  Space Weather Panel: Global Coordination in Space Weather and Updating the COSPAR Space Weather Roadmap

COSPAR-21-PSW.5: ISWAT - A Global Network  of Research Teams Targeting Improvement of Resilience to Space Weather

COSPAR-21-PSW.4: Space Weather Information Architecture and Its Role in Enhancing Data Access and Utilization

COSPAR-21-PSW.3: Nowcast and Forecast on Ionospheric Indices and Related Scales for Space Weather Services

COSPAR-21-PSW.1: Quantitative Assessment of Current and Emerging    Space Weather Modelling Capabilities for Improved Space Weather  Services